A Database of the Ottoman Documents in the Kaireios Library of the Island of Andros:
Short Summaries, Transliterations, Facsimiles.


Transliteration into the modern Turkish script, summaries: Elias Kolovos.
Database: Yorgos Vidras.
Database development: Aris Kydonakis

The database has been designed as an Appendix to the published Greek summaries of the Ottoman documents of the Kaireios Library of Andros, dated between 1579-1821, an important source for the study of the social history of the island during the Ottoman centuries (See E. Kolovos, The Insular Society of Andros in Ottoman Context: A Preliminary Approach based on the Ottoman Documents from the Kaireios Library), Andros, Kaireios Library, 2006 (in Greek).

See also Idem, «Insularity and Island Society in the Ottoman Context: The Case of the Aegean Island of Andros (Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries)», Turcica 39 (2007), 49-122.)

The database offers direct access to Ottomanists and students of Ottoman history to the language of the sources and the possibility to cross-check the facsimiles of the original documents, as well as the possibility to search particular words and phrases in the documents. At the same time, the database digitalises rare Ottoman archival material.

The visitor can search through the database using multiple criteria: document number, type, date, any word or phrase transliterated into modern Turkish.

For the transliteration of Ottoman into the modern Turkish script the orthography of New Redhouse Turkish-English Dictionary, 14th Edition, 1994, has been used as a starting point. Older types of the Turkish phonetics, e,g. the genitive in –un/-ün (instead of –ın/-in/-un/-ün), were preserved in the transliteration, provided that they were not vocalised differently in the documents.

Facsimilies have been digitalised with the permission of the Kaireios Library of Andros, using copies offered to the Program of Turkish Studies/IMS by the late Demetrios Polemis, the founder of the Kaireios Library.

We would like to thank our colleague in Arabic History, Dr. Marco Miotto, for his help in the transliteration of certain phrases in Arabic.


* = Julian Era (Hijra-era begins 16 July 622).